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NANOGAMP offers the latest chemically advanced automobile cleaning solutions with a greener goal in mind. With our ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer’ Auto Care Products, we focus our attention towards environmental friendliness and sustainability, whilst delivering cleaning and detailing solutions with unrivalled applications.

We strive to see a world where cleaning products with hazardous ingredients are no longer commonplace in our society, and are replaced by solutions with chemically advanced, environmentally friendly and sustainable substitutes.

Polluted water running down the street

An EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) research reveals it takes up to a staggering 116 gallons (413 litres) of water to wash a single car using a traditional bucket and hose method. Automatic car wash systems use on average 40 gallons (151 litres) of water per car wash, wasting vast amounts of energy and requiring an oil and water separator. There is certainly no need for the unnecessary wanton waste of water commonplace in today’s global community.

Each time you use our Smart Auto Care for cleaning your car instead of automatic car wash systems, you would be saving an average of 150 litres of water whilst preventing runoff pollutants from potentially entering groundwaters and creeks.

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Smarter Greeer Safer
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Our ‘Smarter, Greener, Safer’ Auto Care Products are the perfect solution when it comes to conserving precious water, eradicating hazardous airborne and downstream effluent pollution, protecting local natural resources, having little to no impact on the environment, and significantly reducing carbon footprints.

Nanogamp's Combo Pack
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