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  • How do your Waterless Car Wash Solutions work?
    On contact, our waterless products liquefy and encapsulate dirt particles which prevents them from revisiting the surface again. The encapsulated particles are then trapped into the microfiber cloth, leaving a fresh and revitalized surface. When our Smart Auto Care is used, nanoparticles fill any microscopic defects present in the paintwork which prevents corrosion and at the same time the surface is waxed, increasing hydrophobicity and reducing dirt buildup over time.
  • Does your Waterless Car Wash Solutions completely eliminate water from the cleaning process?
    Although our waterless products do not completely eliminate water from the cleaning process, they do significantly reduce the amount of water used per wash. Using our Smart Auto Care instead of using traditional and/or automatic car wash systems, you would be saving an average of 150-400 litres of water per car wash whilst also preventing runoff pollutants from potentially entering groundwaters and creeks.
  • Are your Waterless Car Wash Solutions bad for the environment?
    Our waterless products are definitely NOT bad for the environment as they do not contain any hazardous ingredients unlike most conventional style products which contain acids and solvents. In addition to eliminating downstream effluent pollution, using our waterless products instead of conventional or automatic car wash methods save an average of 150-400 litres of water per car wash.
  • Are silicone products dangerous or harmful to the environment?
    Silicone products are definitely not harmful to the environment and the gentle, non-volatile silicone used in our Smart Auto Care is non-hazardous and safe for both the user and the environment. Silicone does not damage any dry paintwork and is definitely needed in order to achieve a highly polished surface and a premium showroom finish. The only time silicone products are not recommended is at paint shops when the paintwork has been freshly sprayed and the paint is not fully dry, however you can still safely use our Ultra Versatile to spotlessly clean the surface.
  • Do all NANOGAMP products contain nanoparticles?
    Nanoparticles are used in our Smart Auto Care as they deliver outstanding properties in cleaning the microporous surface and protecting the base metal from corrosion and delivering a premium showroom shine. Ultra Versatile does not contain any nanoparticles as it is mainly used to clean and remove stubborn substances, therefore nanoparticles are not needed.
  • Can your product be used in hot and cold climates?
    Hot climates It is best to use our Waterless products in a shaded area such as a garage, indoor parking lot or a showroom. However, our Waterless products can also be applied effectively in direct sunlight and on hot bodywork surfaces. As the product would evaporate quicker due to the high heat, we recommend spraying more on the surface and on the microfiber cloth for easier and more effective application. Cold climates Our Waterless products can be applied effectively in cold temperatures. However, in very low temperatures, the product does not evaporate on ice-cold surfaces and some streaking may occur after the first part of the cleaning process. To overcome this, simply buff the area with one or more microfiber cloth until the product has completely dried. As our eco-friendly products contain no hazardous solvents, it is best to store them in ambient conditions to prevent freezing.
  • Can the product be used on wet surfaces?
    As all of our Waterless products are water based and don’t contain any hazardous ingredients and solvents, they can effectively be used on any wet surfaces without having any negative effect on the finish. It is best to carry extra microfiber cloths in order to efficiently dry and buff to a showroom shine finish.
  • Where can I use Waterless Car Wash Solutions?
    Our Waterless Products can be used for all types of vehicles such as cars, bikes, scooters, trucks, trains, yachts and planes. Our products can effectively be used on dry and wet surfaces, cold and hot weather and in direct sunlight. Please refer to the product labels for more detailed applications.
  • How can I use Waterless Car Wash Solutions?
    The cleaning process consists of two steps. Simply lightly mist spray our solutions onto our Pro Microfibre Cloth and onto targeted exterior or interior surface area. Gently wipe the surface with the microfibre Cloth, trapping all liquefied and encapsulated dirt, dust and grime. Using a second dry, clean Microfibre Cloth, wipe treated surface to remove any product residues from the surface and quickly buff and shine the treated surface. Please refer to the product labels for more detailed directions.
  • Does your Waterless Car Wash Solutions clean as well as conventional shampoo and water?
    Our waterless products clean even better than conventional shampoo and water as our unique formulation lifts and suspends dirt on any surface which is then easily removed by using a microfiber cloth. In addition, our Smart Auto Care also adds a layer of nano protection which prevents any corrosion on the base metal and significantly reduces dirt buildup.
  • Does your waterless products scratch the car’s surfaces?
    With the proper application and a high-quality Microfiber cloth, all of our Waterless products do NOT scratch any surface covered with light dirt. If there are any excessively soiled surfaces on the skirts, simply rinse the specific area with water before proceeding to apply our Waterless Car Wash products.
  • How many vehicles will your Waterless Car Wash Solutions clean?
    On average, 100 - 160 ml of our Smart Auto Care is sufficient to clean and polish a standard saloon exterior. As nanoparticles fill in any microscopic defects present in the paintwork, dirt buildup significantly reduces with regular use and less product is needed to clean and wax protect the vehicle over time.
  • What type of cloth should be used with your Waterless Car Wash Solutions?
    Our Professional Microfibre Cloths are specifically designed to work brilliantly with all of our Waterless solutions. Our 40 x 40 cm radially edged, 370 GSM microfiber cloths offer extremely soft, ultra-absorbent performances which provide exceptional finishing when used for drying and buffing. Folding the microfiber cloth in half and half again would give you many clean surfaces to work with from each cloth, however more microfiber cloths may be required if you are working in the wet in order to completely dry and buff the surface.
  • Can I wash the Pro Microfibre Cloths?
    Our Pro Microfibre Cloths need to be washed after usage as it becomes soiled. They can be hand washed with washing powder or machine washed, however do NOT iron and do NOT use fabric softeners as the microfiber cloth may lose its ultra-absorbent properties and become damaged.
  • Why are your Waterless Car Wash Solutions more expensive than soap and water?
    Our Waterless products do so much more than just clean as they fully revitalize, polish and wax protect any surface. Our unique formula reduces dirt build up after regular use therefore keeping surfaces clean and polished for a much longer time. With the incorporation of nanoparticles, the microscopic defects in the paintwork would be sealed, protecting the base metal from any corrosion, hence reducing maintenance cost. Our Smart Auto care product includes Carnauba and Nano wax which create a super gloss finish. This will add UV protection and water repellant properties to the surface and decrease dirt build-up so make repeat cleaning easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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