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There are two primary functions of nano particles for automotive paint finishes: to provide an aesthetic appearance and to protect the base metal from corrosion. However, paint finishes suffer from microscopic defects such as fissures and pinholes, which in turn expose the base metal to moisture and pollutants, allowing the process of corrosion to take place.

Due to their submicroscopic size (only 10-1000 times the size of an atom) Nanoparticles are small enough to enter and seal these microscopic defects, forming a layer of protection over the base metal, preventing the ingress of these corrosion inducing pollutants. Unlike conventional polishes, where the particles merely bridge over the defects and are prone to breaking down over time, Nanoparticles fully fill any microscopic gaps, providing a durable and long-lasting protective barrier over any surface.

Polished blue car
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