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Our Products

NANOGAMP ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer’ Auto Care products incorporate the latest in chemical technology and Nanotechnology to provide the ultimate green and environmentally friendly car wash solution. Containing the finest ingredients including high-grade polymers, polishing agents and waxes, our products effortlessly clean, polish, shine and UV light protect any surface whilst bringing out the natural colour of any paintwork for a showroom finish. 

To ensure all of our ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer’ Auto Care products are user and environmentally friendly, we do not use any hazardous ingredients, abrasive pumice, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), heavy metal compounds and petroleum hydrocarbons, making our products non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Smarter Greeer Safer
Nanogamp's Smart Auto Care bottle

Smart Auto Care

NANOGAMP Smart Auto Care, a Nano Wax dynamic superhydrophobic formula, incorporates the latest in ‘Smarter Greener and Safer‘ waterless technology, delivering the ultimate all-in-one cleaning and detailing solution helping save time, money and effort whilst preserving precious water reserves, energy resources and eradicating pollution.


Smart Auto Care effectively lifts and suspends dirt from any surface making removal of traffic film, light oxidation and water spots from all exterior surfaces effortlessly easy. Our unique combination of nanotechnology and Carnauba Wax (world’s hardest natural protective wax) seals the smallest imperfections in any automobiles paintwork, providing unrivalled protection from dirt buildup, oxidation and UV light, whilst enhancing and maintaining shine durability, hydrophobicity and gloss finish.

Nanogamp's Ultra Versatile bottle

Ultra Versatile

With our chemically advanced formula, Ultra Versatile offers the finest multi-purpose cleaning and detailing properties whilst being extremely environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. With robust cleaning capabilities, Ultra Versatile is extremely efficacious when it comes to removing dirt, grime, grease and other stubborn and ingrained substances from various surfaces without leaving any impairment.


Offering total versatility, Ultra Versatile works brilliantly on any interior and exterior finishing including paintworks, matt finishes, alloy wheels, glass, soft tops, carpet upholsteries, leather trims, dashboards and door shuts, making it the go-to product for a refreshed, revitalised and spotlessly clean surface.

Microfibre cloth

Nanogamp's Pro Microfibre cloth

Simply clean, polish, buff and shine any surface with our industry-leading Pro Microfibre Cloths. Specifically tailored to our own design, our Pro Microfibre Cloths are extremely durable and long-lasting, offering revolutionary lint-free, streak-free and polishing properties, providing the ultimate showroom finish look on all paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, alloy, gel coats, leather and plastic trim surfaces.


Produced from top-grade polyester and polyamide, our superior tight weaved, double-stitched and radial-edged 370 GSM Pro Microfibre Cloths works in perfect harmony with our ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer’ Auto Care products, removing any excess wax without leaving any nasty scratches behind.

Our Microfibrecloths can be safely washed and reused.

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