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Simply clean, polish, buff and shine any surface with our industry-leading Pro Microfibre Cloths. Specifically tailored to our own design, our Pro Microfibre Cloths are extremely durable and long-lasting, offering revolutionary lint-free, streak-free and polishing properties, providing the ultimate showroom finish look on all paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, alloy, gel coats, leather and plastic trim surfaces.


Produced from top-grade polyester and polyamide, our 40x40 cm superior tight weaved, double-stitched and radial-edged 370 GSM Pro Microfibre Cloths works in perfect harmony with our ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer’ Auto Care products, removing any excess wax without leaving any nasty scratches behind.


  • Tightly weaved, double stitched and radial-edged, our 40x40 cm microfibre cloth allows for lint free and streak free cleaning, so you don't have to worry about any scratches or smudges.

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