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NANOGAMP Smart Auto Care, a Nano Wax dynamic superhydrophobic formula, incorporates the latest in ‘Smarter, Greener and Safer‘ waterless technology, delivering the ultimate all-in-one cleaning and detailing solution helping save time, money and effort whilst preserving precious water reserves, energy resources and eradicating pollution.


Smart Auto Care effectively lifts and suspends dirt from any surface making removal of traffic film, light oxidation and water spots from all exterior surfaces effortlessly easy. Our unique combination of nanotechnology and Carnauba Wax (world’s hardest natural protective wax) seals the smallest imperfections in any automobiles paintwork, providing unrivalled protection from dirt buildup, oxidation and UV light, whilst enhancing and maintaining shine durability, hydrophobicity and gloss finish.


  • Leave your car spotlessly clean & sparkling with both UV and oxidation protection, all thanks to nanotechnology and the world's hardest natural wax.

  • You may read our return policy here.

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